BAA - Board Self Evaluation

  • The board is committed to a continuous growth process and to leading by example. To that end, the board will conduct annual self-evaluations. The results of the self-evaluation will be reviewed during a special called meeting each year in February and used to establish board goals for the following year. At the next regularly scheduled board meeting following compilation of the results of the self-evaluation, the board chair will make a summary report of the process and results.

    Self-assessment by the board allows its members to systematically take an in-depth look at the body to make sure it is discharging its responsibilities to the community as fully and effectively as possible. The results of the evaluation provide valuable information the board will use to build a unified body of effective leaders.

    The evaluation will assist the board by:

    • providing a baseline for effective goal setting and long-range planning
    • promoting dialogue about effective governance leading to a greater understanding of roles and responsibilities
    • identifying strengths and weaknesses of the board as a public body and guiding the board’s efforts to improve through training, research, and other forms of board development
    • improving decision making by enhancing a common understanding of the board’s philosophies and goals
    • prompting an awareness and understanding among the public and parents/legal guardians about the functions of the board
    • demonstrating a willingness by the board to hold each other accountable

    Issues 1/19
    Adopted 1/29/19