BBAA - Board Member Authority and Responsibilities

  • The powers delegated to the board by law are delegated to the board as a whole. The board exercises its powers and duties only in properly-called meetings, where a quorum has been established. Except when performing a specific duty authorized by law or board action, the decision and actions of a single member of the board are not binding on the entire board. Unless specific authorization is granted by the board, a board member does not have any authority greater than members of the general public. Such authorization will be given to an individual board member by a majority vote of the board.

    Each board member should be committed to reaching and supporting group decisions that represent the best judgment of the board as a whole. This does not limit the right of individual board members to express personal opinions. However, when expressing such opinions in public, the board member must clearly identify the opinions as personal.

    Board members will interact with district administration through the superintendent and will not give orders to any subordinates of the superintendent either publicly or privately. Suggestions and recommendations regarding the administration will be made directly to the superintendent.

    Questions, requests, complaints, and other information presented to individual board members outside of a board meeting by members of the public should be referred to the superintendent.

    The members of the board are officers of the state. Constitutional provisions which apply to officers apply to board members.

    Cf. BC

    Issued 1/19
    Adopted 1/29/19

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