BBB - Board Membership - Elections

  • The board is composed of nine members, one from each of seven single-member districts and two elected at-large, with the member holding seat eight being a resident of Orangeburg County Council District One, Two, Three, or Four and the member holding seat nine being a resident of Orangeburg County Council District Five, Six, or Seven. The members of the board will be elected in nonpartisan elections held in accordance with the law. Results of each election are determined by the nonpartisan plurality method.

    The regular term of office for each board member is four years. However, following the 2018 general election, the terms of those members elected from districts Two, Four, Six, and Eight will expire in November 2020 when their successors are elected and take office, and the terms of those elected from districts One, Three, Five, Seven, and Nine will expire in November 2022 when their successors are elected and take office.

    The term of office of every elected trustee of the school district must commence one week following the certification of his/her election.

    At the first meeting following commencement of a board member’s term of office, he/she will be administered the oath of office by the district superintendent, the state superintendent, a judge, a notary, or a clerk of court.

    Within one year of taking office, board members will complete the state mandated orientation program on the powers, duties, and responsibilities of a board member.

    Issued 1/19
    Adopted 1/29/19

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