BEDF - Voting Method at Board Meetings

  • The board will conduct votes on all motions and resolutions by the show of hands indicating “yes,” “no,” or abstention. No secret ballots will be used; however, the board may use secret ballots for the election of officers.

    If a member has a conflict of interest with regard to an issue before the board, the member may leave the meeting until voting on the issue is concluded but must recuse himself/herself from all discussion and voting on the matter. The conflict and recusal will be noted in the official minutes of the meeting.

    Board members voting on the prevailing side of an issue may move to reconsider an item at the same meeting.

    There will be no representation by proxy of any member of the board at any time. All members present are authorized to speak on issues, offer and second motions, and vote.

    The presiding officer will have the option of speaking to, offering, and seconding motions and voting on all items of business. If the chair makes or seconds a motion, the vice chair will act as presiding officer until the vote is concluded.

    Issued 1/19
    Adopted 1/29/19