• Orangeburg County School District Board of Trustees Meetings Public Participation Card

    Name                                                                                     Address                                                                                 

    Phone                                                                                     E-Mail                                                                                    Date                                                                                        Topic                                                                                     

    We encourage all citizens to follow our District’s chain of communication, so that the system might address concerns quickly and effectively at the source of the problem. Please indicate with whom you have already addressed this problem:

              No one

              Teacher, if related to classroom issue

              Principal, if related to school issue

              Superintendent or member of the District Office staff

    Orangeburg County School District Board of Trustees Meetings

    Rules for Speaking

    The Board appreciates your interest in the public schools. You will be allotted three minutes for your comments. Since we are usually hearing comments for the first time, it is our practice to accept your comments as information. If additional information is needed, we will contact you at a later date.

    Guidelines for addressing the Board:

    ·       Confine remarks to the business of the Board.

    ·       Refrain from commenting on any pending student or employee discipline or grievance matter.

    ·       Present your comments without using offensive language or making comments in a disrespectful manner.

    ·       Refrain from criticizing or complimenting specific individuals by name.

    ·       Comply with the three-minute time limit.

    ·       Complete this card and submit it to the Board’s Administrative Assistant 5 days prior to the start of the public participation period for approval.

    NOTE: Failure to abide by these rules will result in your forfeiting your right to speak to the Board. You will be asked to return to your seat or leave the premises. See Policy BEDH.