BG.BGD - Board Policy Process-Board Review of Administrative Rules

  • The board believes that the development, adoption, and review of board policies is its most important governance function. Board policies establish the goals, direction, and structure of the district. In addition to policies required by local, state, and federal laws and regulations, the board adopts policies to provide direction to the superintendent and other administrators, to guide the district’s educational program, and to provide clear expectations for district staff, students, and parents.

    The board regards policy development and review as an ongoing process. The need for a new policy or revision or deletion of an existing policy may arise from a change in law and/or regulations, modification of the district’s vision or goals, educational research or trends, the occurrence of a significant incident, or a recommendation or request from an interested party. Proposals regarding policies may originate with board members, the superintendent, staff members, parents/legal guardians, students, consultants, civic groups, advisory committees, or any resident of the district. All proposals, including those from external sources, will be presented in writing and given to the superintendent for review. Upon recommendation from the superintendent, the board will examine proposals prior to acting upon them.  

    Each proposed policy (including proposals to amend policy) will require two readings at regular meetings or work sessions of the board. The formal adoption of the policies will be recorded in the minutes of the board. Only those written statements so adopted and so recorded will be regarded as official board policy.


    Suspension or Repeal of Policy

    In emergency situations, a majority of the board members at a meeting may temporarily suspend the operation of any section or sections of board policy which are not established by law or contract. A proposal for such change must be listed on the agenda of the meeting. All members must be notified in writing of a meeting to discuss policy changes.

    The board may also suspend a policy although such change was not listed on the agenda of the meeting if the favorable vote is unanimous.

    Review of Administrative Rules

    Often policies of the board are accompanied by rules and exhibits that are referred to as administrative rules. These rules are generally drawn up by the administration to execute the policies of the board.

    The board will approve administrative rules when such approval is required by law or otherwise advisable. The superintendent will have freedom, however, to amend or issue additional rules and procedures consistent with board policies.

    The board may nullify any administrative rules determined to be inconsistent with the policies adopted by the board.

    Issued 1/19
    Adopted 1/29/19