BG.BGD. R - Board Policy Process-Board Review of Administrative Rules

  • The superintendent or his/her designated policy manual coordinator has the responsibility of drafting policy proposals, maintaining the board’s manual, and serving as liaison between the board and the South Carolina School Boards Association’s (SCSBA) policy services and other sources of policy research information.

    • The superintendent will present a proposed policy in writing to the board at least 30 days prior to possible approval.
    • If legalities are involved, the board will consult legal counsel before action is taken.
    • After the first reading, the superintendent will make the policy available for public review.
    • Once the board gives a policy final approval, the superintendent will have the policy posted online or distribute a copy of the policy to each building administrator and district office administrator. If the policy is to take effect immediately, the superintendent will then route the finished policy to each board policy manual under district control and/or post the policy online.
    • The policy manual coordinator will send the policy to the SCSBA for final formatting and/or printing. SCSBA will prepare the copies and return them to the district or post the policy online.
    • In the absence of highly unusual circumstances, the administration must not allow proposed policies to “linger” unresolved and dormant for longer than 60 calendar days after presentation to the board.
    • Once a policy is approved by the board and printed in final form by SCSBA, the superintendent will disseminate copies to all manuals. Appropriate administrators at the local and district level will place policies in the manuals of their respective schools/departments and insert copies in other manuals external to the district.
    • Without official board authorization, no administrator is permitted to physically or otherwise “just remove” a policy from the manual or online manual. A policy may be deleted by official board action only.
    • The superintendent will supervise a review of the policy manual on a continuing basis.

          The district may seek the aid of SCSBA policy services in performing this review.

    Issued 1/29/19