BIA.BIB - New Member Orientation-Board Member Development Opportunities

  • The board and superintendent, to the best of their ability, will assist each newly elected member to understand the board’s functions, policies, and procedures. The superintendent will provide each newly elected member with materials pertinent to board operations, including access to the board policy manual.

    Orientation for New Members

    State law requires all new members elected or appointed after July 1, 1997, to successfully complete a state-approved orientation program within one year of taking office. The program will include the powers, duties, and responsibilities of board members as well as other topics.

    Board members already serving on July 1, 1997, and continuously reelected or reappointed are exempt from this requirement.

    Board Member Development Opportunities

    The board will encourage all its members to participate in meetings and activities of state, area, and national school boards associations and other educational groups and to study and examine the materials received from these organizations.

    The district budget will include allocations for travel expenses for individual members to advance their development as school board members. When the full board does not attend a conference, convention, or workshop, those who do participate will be requested to share information, recommendations, and materials acquired at the meeting.

    To help members develop understanding of the education program, the superintendent will request members of the professional staff or consultants to appear before the board to present and discuss new developments in various areas of curriculum and instruction.

    Issued 1/19
    Adopted 1/29/19

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