• At its annual organizational meeting, the board will appoint a member as its Board Legislative Contact (BLC) to the South Carolina School Boards Association (SCSBA). At least once each month, the board meeting agenda will include an opportunity for the BLC to report on educational issues pending on the state and federal levels.

    The board will work with the BLC, SCSBA, the National School Boards Association, and other concerned groups and organizations on matters of mutual interest.

    Each year the board will develop a short and long term legislative plan. The plan will contain at least the following elements:

    • a method of maintaining regular contact with state and federal legislators and/or legislative staff to receive updates on education issues in the legislature and to inform them of the potential effect(s) on the district of pending legislation
    • a method of networking with other groups, such as PTA, Chamber of Commerce, community action groups, or service clubs, to discuss education and legislative issues
    • a method for having board members meet with legislators at least once per year, either in the district or in Columbia
    • a method of networking with other board members from other districts within a geographic region (e.g., county or other unit) to share information, discuss legislative issues, and plan collective responses

    The BLC will serve as the board’s liaison to SCSBA, will attend the annual legislative conference and other state and regional association meetings as approved by the board, and will advise SCSBA of the board’s views regarding SCSBA’s legislative positions and activities.

    Issued 1/29/19