BJ.E - Advocacy Calendar

  • January


    Legislative session begins.


    Schedule advocacy as a board agenda item.


    Share with the board the protocol for legislative alerts.


    Invite district delegation to board meetings on a regular basis.


    Make sure you have legislators’ contact information updated and available.


    Hold a grassroots network meeting to review upcoming session.




    Attend NSBA Federal Relations Network Conference in Washington, DC.


    Attend SCSBA Annual Convention.


    Connect with legislators on social media.



    Attend 2DAC (Two Days at the Capital)


    Meet with district delegation at the State House. 


    Follow key legislation carefully and review daily and weekly legislative summaries from SCSBA.



    Attend 2DAC (Two Days at the Capital)


    Invite legislators to tour district’s schools.


    SCSBA solicits proposed resolutions for the next year from school boards.


    Follow-up with grassroots network meeting participants, and report on key legislation and determine next steps.




    Invite district delegation to special events.


    While preparing the district budget, it’s a good time to remind legislators of how their decisions impact education programming at the local level.


    Invite legislators to commencement ceremonies.


    Highlight student success stories in your district on social media and share with your local delegation.




    Legislative session ends.


    Write district delegation thanking them for their support of public education.


    Nominate legislators that would qualify for SCSBA’s Champions for Public Education award. Publicize the nomination and award with local media.




    Identify issues for next legislative session.


    SCSBA legislation committee reviews proposed resolutions for the next session.



    Hold a grassroots network meeting to provide a legislative wrap-up, share and evaluate successes and challenges and thank members for support.


    SCSBA Board of Directors approves proposed resolutions for the Delegate Assembly.


    Invite local delegation to back-to-school events.




    Legislators are at home through December. Use this time to get to know your legislators, follow-up on important issues, and, most importantly, show them your district.



    Meet with district delegation.


    SCSBA sends out proposed resolutions for review before the Delegate Assembly.


    Tune in to the SCSBA Legislative Preview webinar.


    Hold organizational meeting with district grassroots network.


    Appoint a board member who will be the legislative liaison for the board and give monthly reports during board meetings.


    Board agenda item to decide the board’s votes on matters to be voted on during SCSBA Delegate Assembly, including proposed resolutions, board of directors candidates, etc.




    Attend Legislative Advocacy Conference.


    SCSBA legislative platform adopted at Delegate Assembly.