CA - Administration Goals-Priority Objectives

  • The board is devoted to and legally charged with the responsibility of providing an instructional program for students within the community it serves. The district is organized to accomplish this purpose through an elected board and administrative staff members who are employed by the board, each with unique responsibilities.

    The function of the administration is to manage the district in accordance with the purposes, policies, plans, procedures, and programs authorized by the board. The board relies on its chief executive officer, the superintendent, to provide professional administrative leadership. The superintendent is responsible for the creation and operation of an environment where all resources are used efficiently and effectively to ensure a successful instructional program. 

    All schools and all departments of the district are subject to board policies that are implemented through the superintendent. Within the framework of district policies and associated administrative rules, principals are responsible and accountable for the administration of their respective schools through the implementation of school regulations and procedures.

    The board expects the administration to specialize in the following:

    • the planning, organization, implementation, and evaluation of the district’s educational program and services
    • the processes of systemic, collaborative decision making and open communication, including the development and maintenance of close working relationships and channels of communication within the district and community
    • the demonstration of leadership, including clear delegation and allocation of authority and responsibility
    • the effective management of all district resources, including the coordination of staff, students, parents, and the community to further the district’s goals
    • the use of data from various assessments and evaluations to ascertain the present and future needs of the district and to translate these findings into goals and initiatives aimed at improving the district’s educational program

    Issued 1/19
    Adopted 1/29/19