CBC - Superintendent Duties and Responsibilities

  • In all aspects, the administration of the district is delegated to the superintendent who will carry out his/her administrative functions in accordance with the policies adopted by the board.

    The superintendent’s specific responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

    • Valuing, advocating for, and supporting public education and all stakeholders, including students and staff.
    • Developing and administering a comprehensive educational program for the district aimed at meeting the future needs of the community.
    • Assisting the board in the development of board policy, as needed, and implementing adopted policies in an effective manner.
    • Recommending the number and types of positions required to fulfill the district’s mission and responsibilities.
    • Nominating for appointment, assigning, and defining the duties of all instructional, administrative, and support staff, subject to approval of the board.
    • Submitting to the board recommendations relative to all matters requiring board action, placing before the board the necessary facts, information, and reports needed to make informed decisions.
    • Making recommendations to the board with respect to school facilities, boundaries for school attendance, and assignment of students to the various schools.
    • Preparing an annual budget which reflects the needs and priorities of the district within the limits of available funds and resources and presenting the budget to the board for its review and approval.
    • Maintaining adequate records of the business of the district, including a system of financial accounts, contracts, property records, and personnel and academic records.
    • Evaluating personnel and programs in accordance with board policy.
    • Promoting a public relations program to keep the community informed of the activities, needs, and successes of the district.
    • Performing additional duties as may be assigned by the board.

    Administration in the Absence of Policy

    If a situation arises that is of great importance and requires immediate attention, the superintendent will act to resolve the situation. The superintendent will promptly inform the board of such action. If it appears there should be a policy to address a particular situation, the superintendent will make such a recommendation to the board.


    Issued 1/19
    Adopted 1/29/19