• The appointment of a superintendent is a function of the board. It may seek the advice and counsel of interested individuals or of an advisory committee, and it may hire consultants to assist in selection. However, final selection of the superintendent rests with the board.

    Because the superintendent assumes the responsibility for the effective functioning of the district, and in an effort to attract and retain the most qualified candidates, the salary and other benefits offered in the superintendent’s contract will be commensurate with its challenges. The board will act as a buffer between the superintendent and special interest groups in the community by ensuring his/her security from the threat of sudden and unjustified dismissal.

    The appointment of the superintendent will be secured through an explicit contractual agreement which states the term of the contract, general responsibilities, compensation and other benefits, administrative travel, leave arrangements, evaluations, and other conditions of employment. Provisions for termination of the superintendent’s employment, either by the board or the superintendent, will also be set forth in the contract.

    The board will review the superintendent’s contract in January of each year and notify the superintendent of the board’s intent to have the contract expire or continue according to its terms or to issue a subsequent contract. Failure of the board to notify the superintendent by the specified date will not constitute automatic re-employment of the superintendent for any succeeding or additional contract term unless specifically stated in the superintendent’s contract.

    The board considers the superintendent’s contract to be a public document as defined by the South Carolina Freedom of Information Act.

    Issued 1/19
    Adopted 1/29/19

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