CBI - Evaluation of Superintendent

  • To maintain effective leadership and to promote professional excellence and improvement of the superintendent’s skills, the board will formally evaluate the superintendent annually. Each member of the board will be involved in this evaluation. 

    The board and superintendent will annually consider what evaluation method(s) will best serve the district and agree on the specific written instrument to be used. Using the evaluation instrument, the board will assess the superintendent on his/her responsibilities, district and/or school goals, and other measures as agreed upon by the board and superintendent.

    The board will provide the superintendent written feedback regarding his/her performance. The document will be given to the superintendent and discussed with him/her in an executive session. The superintendent will be allowed to respond to the evaluation. A written summary of the evaluation and the superintendent’s response will be maintained in the superintendent’s personnel file. 

    The assessment of the superintendent’s performance may result in review of his/her job description and appropriate changes will be made to it as needed. The assessment will also establish a foundation for identifying new priorities and objectives to be used as a basis for the next year’s evaluation. The board may also consider adjustments in the superintendent’s contract and rate of compensation on the basis of the evaluation.

    Issued 1/19
    Adopted 1/29/19