• The board recognizes the need for ongoing modification of the district’s administrative organization in response to the emergence of new research, laws, technologies, and other factors. Therefore, the superintendent should evaluate the current structure and when necessary, suggest revisions to the administrative organization to meet the goals and objectives the board has set forth for the district. Board approval will be required for changes to the organization structure such as the elimination of existing positions or the creation of new positions.  

    The administrative organization must permit school officials to effectively and efficiently carry out programs, improve existing programs, and respond to any new program demands created by district needs or opportunities.

    The district’s administrative organization follows the pattern outlined in the chart found at CCA in this manual. The chart represents the framework for administration and the lines of authority and responsibility. Within the framework established, and under the superintendent’s leadership, school leadership will develop and implement the educational program most appropriate for its needs.

    Issued 1/19
    Adopted 1/29/19