CFA - School Principals-Building Administrators

  • The school principalship is a key position in district leadership. The primary function of the principal is to provide leadership that will encourage the staff, the community, and the students to work together toward an effective educational program.

    The principal reports directly to the superintendent who delegates authority to the principal. All principals will keep the superintendent informed of activities in their buildings by whatever means the superintendent deems appropriate.

    The principal is charged with the supervision and direction of the staff and the students assigned to his/her building(s) and with care of the school facility and its equipment. He/She will see that the policies and regulations of the district, the directives of the board, and the guidelines for the instructional program are observed. Within the framework of board policies and administrative rules, the principal may establish and enforce such regulations as he/she deems advisable for the efficient operation of his/her school with the approval of the superintendent, as necessary.

    The principal will handle all complaints from parents/legal guardians or other stakeholders which affect the school, investigate these complaints, and refer them to district administration when they cannot be resolved at the school level.

    Prime responsibilities of the principal include, but are not limited to, the following:

    • creating a learning environment that is appropriate for students
    • assisting teachers in the implementation of an instructional program that is suitable for students and addresses all state standards and the instructional goals set out in board policy and the district’s strategic plan
    • evaluating the effectiveness of the educational program as it is being implemented in the school, including evaluating the effectiveness of individual staff members
    • arranging opportunities for staff members to improve their competencies as facilitators of learning
    • managing the school budget, class and building schedules, and the care of the facility
    • communicating the goals, objectives, and achievements of the school to students, parents/legal guardians, and staff

    Issued 1/19
    Adopted 1/29/19

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