CFC - Assignment and Transfer of School Administrators

  • The board believes it is important that administrators be assigned where they have the greatest opportunity to succeed, to fulfill their personal and professional interests and aspirations, and to make the maximum contributions to the district’s educational program. The superintendent is responsible for the assignment of all administrators. 

    The superintendent may implement a change of placement or transfer of school administrators. Such transfers enable the district to make the best use of its leadership resources and to promote and maintain school excellence while affording administrators the opportunity for professional development through leadership in a variety of settings. These objectives can best be achieved through school assignments in which the strengths of the administrator are matched with the needs of a particular school. Specific building assignment of principals is at the discretion of the superintendent.

    In making decisions on placement, the superintendent will give consideration to the following:

    • needs of the school and district
    • length of current assignment in a school
    • compatibility of administrative style among administrators in each school
    • opportunities provided for professional growth in the proposed assignment
    • performance evaluations
    • the administrator’s expressed preferences

    If a principal is being administratively transferred, the superintendent will meet with the principal to notify him/her of the transfer, if possible, no later than June 1st. The reason for the transfer will be provided (in writing, upon request). This confidential notification is a courtesy to the principal in order to allow him/her the opportunity to begin preparing for a conclusion of efforts at their current school assignment and for the transition to a new position.

    Compulsory transfers and/or the reassignment of administrative personnel are subject to the district’s grievance procedure set forth in policy GBK. The board will review administrative transfers involving a loss of rank and/or income in a grievance hearing upon the specific request of the affected administrator.

    Issued 1/19
    Adopted 1/29/19

    Legal References:

    1. S.C. Code of Laws, 1976, as amended:
    2. Section 59-25-410 - Notification of employment for ensuing year; notification of assignment.