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    PURPOSE: The Human Resources Department of OCSD is excited to announce an Employee of the Month Program. The purpose of the OCSD Employee of the Month program is to recognize and highlight individuals that exhibit characteristics that allow OCSD to accomplish the mission and vision established for students.  Research indicates that employees that have positive perceptions about their working conditions are much more likely to remain with an organization than employees that have negative perceptions about their working conditions. Recognizing employee dedication and commitment to the mission and vision of the organization contributes to positive perceptions.

    ELIGIBILITY: Any non-administrative OCSD employee can be nominated for the Employee of the Month recognition. An administrator is defined as an employee that is on the OCSD Administrator Salary Scale.

    NOMINATION: Any employee within that particular site/department can nominate an individual for the Employee of the Month.


    • Faculty and staff members will nominate individuals from their school/site/department for Employee of the Month recognition within a designated window.
    • The school/site/department level Employee of the Month Team should review all nominations and select an individual as the Employee of the Month for that site based on their process.
    • Each school/site/department should use the district nomination form to submit its employee to compete for District Employee of the Month. The nomination form should be submitted to Dyisha R. Taylor, Coordinator of Teacher Effectiveness, by 20th of the month.  (For example, the nomination form for the selected employee to be recognized at the November meeting would be submitted to the district office by October 20th.) This will allow the Employee of the Month to be recognized for the entire month and a district overall winner from the individual sites can be selected and submitted to Dr. Foster for an award to be presented at the board meeting.
    • The District Employee of the Month Selection Committee will review and score all nominations. The person with the highest score will be selected as the OCSD Employee of the Month to receive an award presented by Dr. Foster or his designee at the department /school site or the board meeting.

EOM Nomination Form

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Recognition Information

  • District Recognition of Employee of the Month
    The selected Employee of the Month will receive a plaque, lapel pin, framed certificate and a letter of commendation for his/her employee file by the Superintendent.

    School Recognition of Employee of the Month
    Schools/sites/departments will also be responsible for recognizing their Employee of the Month at their site. (Examples: Specific parking spot, picture on the school website, picture at the front of the school, baskets, comp time, meal, etc.) 

    Employee of the Month Liaison
    Principals and departments should select a designee to serve as the Employee of the Month liaison. The primary role of the liaison would be to submit the employee of the Month nominations by the 20th day of the month on behalf of the school/department. It is strongly advised that the school level principal or department supervisor reviews the nomination form prior to the liaison submitting it to the district office. Please note that there should only be one nomination sent per month and only the liaison should submit nominations. Participation in the monthly district level Employee of the Month is optional, but strongly encouraged.