About Us

The mission of Orangeburg County School District is to provide effective teaching and learning through equitable, high expectations, and digital learning environments to ensure academic success for all students through collaborative partnerships.

A merger of school districts that was effective July 1, 2019, was designed to equalize educational opportunities for all students in Orangeburg County. Districts will no longer be competing for resources, which will benefit students and families in the area, making the overall mission of the school more attainable than ever.

Rather than only having access to the resources from one school, students will have access to multiple pathways of success through District resources previously divided among three separate districts.

Among the benefits of the new consolidated Orangeburg County School District are:

  • Rolling back spending to 2017 levels to prevent a significant tax increase
  • Equalizing salaries across the county
  • Maintaining current locations and programs for the District’s special needs students
  • Allowing inter-district and out-of-district students to be grandfathered into the new school district without having to change schools
  • Equal opportunity and access for all students across the county

An OCSD transition committee, along with the District administration team has been instrumental in making the July 1st transition as smooth as possible and continues to create a streamlined transition for students, parents, employees, and staff.

According to former OCSD5 Superintendent and new OCSD Chief of Staff, Dr. Jesse Washington, "Orangeburg County has always been good with education, but it will be even better for the children where they will all be treated equally and fairly so all our students will prosper…all of our students across the county will have opportunities for success and will reach new heights of social equality and access.”

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