OCSD Mission & Vision

Get to know the core mission and vision of our new Orangeburg County School District.

Why would we decide to join three school districts into one? Everything we do comes back to our mission:

“The Orangeburg County School District (OCSD) exists to provide effective teaching and learning through equitable, high expectations and digital learning environments to ensure academic success for all students through collaborative partnerships.”

Bringing the strengths of our individual school districts together to benefit all students in Orangeburg County enables us to live out this mission every day. Our students and families deserve the best, and we are dedicated to pooling all resources and expertise to offer the best opportunities to each and every OCSD student.

Our Mission

Orangeburg County School District, through the use of innovative ideas and practices, will prepare our students to become productive members of society.


Our Vision

Orangeburg County School District, a district of innovation, is committed to maximizing the potential of every student to compete worldwide.


The OCSD Vision

Our mission is what helps us to bring our vision to life:

“OCSD will graduate all students with life characteristics, world-class knowledge and skills, college and career ready.”

We know a vision is impossible to achieve without a strong mission, which is why we place such a high priority on both vision and mission in our school district. Now is the time that so many in our community have worked tirelessly to make happen. Working together as the ultimate team, our administration, board, and staff are in the right position to offer world-class education and opportunities for every student—no matter where they live within the County.

One District

No longer competing for resources or opportunities, one consolidated Orangeburg County school district means better opportunities and equal access for all. Students in one school will no longer be missing out based on where they live. Our School Board and Administration are 100% committed to a unified district where everyone benefits and has the chance to succeed.

One Family

Our spirit of collaboration is strong, and we are dedicated to giving our students the best education possible—from the youngest primary school student to the young adults who are ready to begin their careers or college experiences.

One Team

Our administrators, employees, and staff work together as one unified team to bring the best opportunities and education to OCSD students. We are better together as we collaborate to accomplish goals to help our students be the best they can be—both as valuable members of society and in their educational lives and careers.

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