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What We Do

We are very fortunate in Orangeburg to have Health Rooms run by registered nurses. The health room is designed to assist students with chronic health conditions and is an emergency station to care for minor injuries and illnesses that occur at school. Injures that occurred outside the school environment should be treated at home or by a health care provider prior to returning back to school. Our school nurses cannot diagnose illnesses. A nurse cannot administer any medications without a medication consent form.

Any student who is not feeling well should obtain a pass from the appropriate staff or faculty member to visit the health room. 

Procedurally, our nurses work towards returning students back to the classroom as soon as it is advisable. However, sometimes a student may need to go home due to illness. In that instance, the school will request that the parent/guardian pick up their child if his/her medical condition is unstable, or if he/she is not capable of participating in the daily school activities. This decision is based upon an assessment conducted by the school nurse.

Orangeburg County follows the DHEC School Exclusion List for specific medical conditions in compliance with SC State Health guidelines.