Communications, Business & Community Partnerships

  • The Communications Department, which also encompasses Technology, aims to support District and school leaders in conveying information, energizing stakeholders, and building community interest and support for public education. The Department is staffed with creative professionals with expertise in videography, photography, marketing, social media, web design, events, and technology. 

    Utilizing a robust mass-messaging system for phone calls, texts, and emails allows the District to disseminate information quickly and accurately to parents and guardians. Additionally, the department creates and maintains the District and school websites, and supports schools with their social media accounts. Through symbiotic relationships with local media, the Department fulfills radio, television and print media requests and pitches story ideas to celebrate OCSD's amazing teachers, faculty, staff, students, and families. 

    Businesses, organizations and individuals interested in partnering with the school district are welcome. The time, talent, and financial resources of the Orangeburg Community will help propel our school district forward.

Contact Us

  • erica taylor
    Dr. Erica Taylor 
    Assistant Superintendent For Communications And Business And Community Partnerships
    (803) 534-5454 ext. 80213