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Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Arts in Social Studies Education Masters of Science in Education Focus Online College and Distance Learning Masters of Science in Higher Education

Ms. Sharon M. Glover-Jenkins

     Hi, My name is Mrs. Sharon Glover-Jenkins. I reside in Orangeburg, SC. I am the proud mother of 2 children, Clayton Xavier Robinson and Zakiya Glover-Jenkins. I have been teaching for 29 years. Currently, I teach United States History.  Also, I am the department chair for the Social Studies Department. My philosophy of education is that every child can learn given the right opportunities. If a child cannot learn the way that I teach then I must teach the way the child learns. Education is the door to many opportunities. As a teacher, I believe that I am an avenue to those opportunities.

     Becoming a teacher, I had been a dream of mine since a young age. I can remember playing school with dolls and checking papers. My dream was fulfilled in August of 1994-my first teaching job. There were three factors that influenced my dream. The factors were my mother, my eleventh-grade history teacher, and my favorite subject. My first teacher was my mother. She made education one of the top priorities of the household. Her motto was and still is today “You always have homework to do- read the next chapter, study notes, and do homework.” I always keep this motto in my head when it comes to teaching. I can always put a little extra into the job that I am doing. Knowing that your parent wants you to succeed and encourage you to be the best that you can be is amazing even when you are an adult. As a teacher, I want to convey that same feeling to my students.

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