• Orangeburg County School District athletics inspire, educate, empower, and prepare student athletes to become leaders in and out of the classroom through programs that will develop young athletes, both physically and socially. 


  • The Orangeburg County School District Athletic Department will be implementing fan attendance guidelines in accordance with mitigation strategies set forth by the South Carolina High School League and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. We will be admitting fans at 30% the capacity of the schools’ normal gymnasium capacities. The 30% capacity will allow for social distancing to take place for all games.  
    Additional guidelines are as follows:   

    All fans MUST wear facemasks to enter and remain in the facility.   
    Social distancing will be enforced in the stands.   
    Only clear bags are allowed.   
    All areas of the bleachers will be opened to fans EXCEPT the first two rows of bleachers behind the team’s benches and areas in the stands designated for cheerleaders and the basketball teams to sit while waiting for their respected games.   
    Children must be supervised at all times; playing outside the bleachers is not allowed.   
    Concessions will be limited to prepackaged products only.     
    Concession and restroom lines must use social distancing.   
    After the game, all fans are expected to leave the premises immediately.    
    Congregating is prohibited for safety purposes.   
    The Orangeburg County School District Athletic Department will be pre-selling basketball game tickets online with minimal tickets sold at the door. Pre-selling tickets is to help with the practicing of social distancing and minimizing the lines during entrance to the games at the entry gate. Tickets will be sold on a first come first serve basis. Once the maximum number of tickets have been sold, there will be no other ticket sales or entries allowed.    
    Check with the respective school's athletic department for the schedule of ticket sales.   
    Game day tickets will be sold after school hours on a first come first serve basis, or as tickets remain until the capacity number of tickets are sold.  
    Thanks for your support and understanding!    
    Orangeburg County School District Athletic Department