We Are One

  • After years of discussion, Orangeburg County’s three school districts became the single Orangeburg County School District in 2019. What was Orangeburg School District 3, District 4, and District 5, merged and officially became ONE on July 1, 2019.

    Now is the time that so many in our community have worked tirelessly to make happen. Working together as a productive team, our administration, board, and staff are in the right position to offer world-class education and opportunities for every student—no matter where they live in the county.

Our Mission

  • The mission of Orangeburg County School District, the catalyst of innovation and excellence, is to ensure all students discover and develop their person, purpose and platform through high-quality educational experiences distinguished by:

    • a culture of collaboration, equity and inclusion
    • a creative learning environment with inspiring opportunities
    • a commitment to nurture the academic, physical, social and emotional well-being of all.

Our Beliefs

  • We Believe That…

    • honoring individuality through respect and empathy empowers and promotes acceptance, which builds family and community.
    • effective communication is key to understanding others.
    • purpose is the core of existence.
    • moral values shape who we are.
    • a servant’s heart encompasses love that is manifested in action and deed toward self and mankind.
    • freedom is an inherent right.
    • time is life’s most valuable asset.
    • growth mindset is necessary to adapt and embrace change.

Our Vision

  • Orangeburg County School District, a district of innovation is committed to maximizing the potential of every student to compete worldwide.

Strategic Objectives

    • Every student will discover his/her inner self while creating a blueprint demonstrating his/her unique purpose.
    • Every student will have the confidence and competency to use his/her voice to positively impact the community and world.
    • Every student will live an extraordinary life dedicating his/her person to a noble purpose from his/her chosen platform.

    No longer competing for resources or opportunities, one consolidated Orangeburg County school district means better opportunities and equal access for all. Our School Board and Administration are 100% committed to a unified district where everyone benefits and has the chance to succeed.



    Our spirit of collaboration is strong, and we are dedicated to giving our students the best education possible—from the youngest primary school student to the young adults who are ready to begin their careers or college experiences.



    Our administrators, employees, and staff work together as one unified team to bring the best opportunities and education to OCSD students. We are better together as we collaborate to accomplish goals to help our students be the best they can be—both as valuable members of society and in their educational lives and careers.


  • Please watch the video below for a digital version of our strategic plan.