Maintenance & Facilities Division Overview

  • M The Maintenance and Facilities Division maintains all buildings and other physical assets within OCSD. It coordinates the district’s energy management program, plans and administers new construction and renovation projects, as well as keep our facilities disinfected and sanitized.

Demography & Facilities Studies

  • Orangeburg County School District Administration and its Board of Trustees are engaged in comprehensive studies of enrollment trends and learning environments in partnership with independent professional organizations contracted to support this effort. The initial results were shared at the May 25, 2021, school board meeting and are linked below for public review. 

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Demography Study

  • ARCBridge Consulting used data from the SC DHEC, County Department of Permitting and Inspections, the Census data and the American Community Survey to detail enrollment trends. Click on the words "Demographic Study" to see details of the study. 

Facilities Study

  • Please see the Facilities Study conducted by LS3P for our District. The study results are alphebetized by school and separated in the four booklets below. 

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Press Release: May 25, 2021



    At the Tuesday, May 25, 2021, Orangeburg County School District Trustees received the initial results of comprehensive studies conducted by outside analysists related to each of the school district’s 27 campus facilities, as well as projected future enrollment.

    School districts and communities commission independent studies of this nature in planning for school facility maintenance to ensure resources are appropriately prioritized to best serve existing and forecasted student populations.

    Jason Likas spent six weeks in Orangeburg’s schools as part of LS3P Associates, Ltd.’s work on the Facilities Study. Likas, project manager for the multidisciplinary architecture and planning firm, prefaced his comments about necessary repairs with praise for the school system’s maintenance efforts. “You all are taking great care of the schools that you have,” he stated. “I was really impressed with how well maintained the schools are.”

    While most schools, particularly those with recent renovations, were in good condition and needed just minor repairs, such as replacing single pane windows and walkway canopies, others were in need of more extensive renovations, including creating interior corridors to replace exterior facing classrooms and investigating moisture issues, as well as making necessary repairs. Of greatest concern was the state of an original, unoccupied section of Vance Providence Elementary School which is no longer in use.

    “There are visible signs of mold and structural instability,” Likas explained. “The school is in really, really bad shape. The ceiling is caving in, and I could actually see through the holes in the floor from all of the termite damage. We are basically recommending that it be demolished, not necessarily the whole school, but at least the part that is closed off from use currently. That one has some safety and health considerations, and is one of those immediate things that needs to be remediated.”

    ARCBridge Consulting, based in Northern Virginia, has been working with school districts for more than 20 years providing independent analysis to communities, boards and administrators, on school locations, attendance areas, facility capacity, and enrollment projections.

    Using data from the South Carolina Department of Health & Environmental Control (DHEC) on live births in the area to forecast kindergarten enrollment, County Department of Permitting and Inspections numbers to predict growth in schools based on new developments, decennial Census data and annual American Community Survey results, the trend of declining enrollment in Orangeburg’s schools matches the general decline in population throughout the county.

    Priti Mathur, Principal at ARCBridge who joined the school board’s meeting virtually, presented findings of widespread underutilization of school facilities county-wide. 

    “Schools across the country have experienced dwindling enrollment numbers since the pandemic,” Mathur stated, acknowledging that using just the last two-year enrollment numbers alone would have skewed the data. “We went back all the way to the 2017-2018 school year and charted utilization for each level, coding schools under 50% utilization in green, under 40% utilization in orange, and under 30% in red.”

    ES Capacity

    MS/HS Capacity

    The Facilities Study also mapped out school locations, percent utilization and the annual cost in energy to operate each school facility.


    Using historic data from the 2017-2018 school year up to the current term, forecasted enrollment continues a downward trajectory.

    Enrollment Forecast

    Impacting the enrollment forecast is the decline in number of children being born in Orangeburg County, with 1,335 live births in 2009, decreasing by nearly 400 babies (and future students) to just 951 in 2019.

    Live Birth Data

    According to Mr. Stewart W. Haig, with the County Permitting and Inspections Department, from January 2020-March 2021, just 161 new single family home permits were issued. Additionally, there were no new multi-familyapartment or condominium complex permits granted.

    Home Permits

    “The final piece of this puzzle will come from the performance contracting report where we’ll learn more about the status of mechanical units within our buildings,” Orangeburg’s Superintendent Dr. Shawn Foster shared.

    The comprehensive reports will be made publicly available on the District’s website under the Operations, Maintenance and Facilities Department page.

    "We’ll take all of this information out into the community in the coming months,” Foster promised, “as we search together for solutions.”