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  • Message from the Director 

    About Orangeburg Online 

    Orangeburg Online is a virtual learning program for all students in Orangeburg County School District (OCSD). 

    Applications to enroll students in Orangeburg Online are ongoing. Families may apply to the online virtual program using this link. All students who enroll will remain in the program until January 2021. 

    The teaching faculty consists of the current certified Orangeburg County School District instructors. 

    Students are enrolled in the same courses that are offered at their home school, and will be provided with a mobile device for learning. PreK – 2nd grade students will receive an iPad, and 3rd- 12th-grade students will receive a laptop. Teachers will deliver instruction through Seesaw (PK-2) and Canvas (3-12). Courses will be based on the OCSD curriculum and supported with teacher-designed lessons, direct instruction, and standards-based activities. 

    Orangeburg Online will allow for real-time class instruction with teachers using Microsoft Teams. On-demand content will be available in both Seesaw and Canvas. All virtual courses will include online instruction, tutoring, small group, and independent learning opportunities. Students are provided with academic support and enrichment on S.E.E. Day (Small Group, Enrichment, and Extra Help) each Friday. 

    The virtual learning schedule will be provided for all enrolled students. Orangeburg Online will follow the regular OCSD school calendar as well as all the grading weights, grading periods and report card dates established by the District. In addition, students enrolled in Orangeburg Online will adhere to the OCSD policies regarding discipline and attendance. 

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