Welcome to the Office of Related Arts

  • We believe that the arts allow us to celebrate and preserve our cultural heritages and explore the realms of expression, imagination and creativity, resulting in new knowledge. Therefore, every individual should be guaranteed the opportunity to learn about, create, and value the visual and performing arts.

    The Visual and Performing Arts Department coordinates the dance, music, theatre, and visual arts programs, and grades K-12 Artistic programs.

    The department is responsible for the development, support and implementation of Visual and Performing Arts curricula that are firmly aligned with state and national standards for the arts. Through on-going curriculum development, professional development, strategic planning, program implementation, program assessment, facilities management and research and development of opportunities to learn, the department strives to provide the study of and the making of the arts by all students. These goals undergo frequent assessment and evolve to best meet our students' arts education needs.

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    Ms. Deedra Wright
    Related Arts Coordinator

    As the Related Arts Coordinator of Orangeburg County School District, I am committed to the success of every child in our district. In an effort to remain effective, I strive to give students relevant, real-world content and learning experiences. I make every effort to assist in planning, implementing and maintaining district-wide Visual and Performing Arts and Physical Education initiatives. I have frequent opportunities to share ideas and strategies with related arts teachers to benefit students' future endeavors. I believe my collaboration with my colleagues prepares students to accept the district's expectation of excellence while being gently pushed outside of their comfort zone. My longevity in the educational profession has afforded me the ability to form positive working relationships with families, community members, and colleagues. I am happy to be able to utilize these established relationships to provide students in our district with opportunities that will prepare them for success now and in the future.