• As District Ombudsman, Dr. Jesse Washington, III is responsible for helping parents resolve issues. He works closely with parents, listening to their concerns and directing them to the most appropriate staff member or department to resolve issues involving their child’s education. When parents have exhausted all options, including talking to their child’s teacher and principal, Dr. Washington is available to discuss other avenues necessary to rectify their concerns about their child’s education.

What We Do

  • The Ombudsman serves as an impartial intermediary for Orangeburg County School District (OCSD) to help answer questions and seek resolution in an efficient and professional manner. We support all families, students, staff and other community members in navigating OCSD and obtaining needed resources and programs within the district.

    Our Objectives Are To:
    Listen to and clarify concerns
    Help visitors explore a range of solutions
    Provide information about rights for dealing with concerns
    Facilitate informal dispute resolution
    Coach individuals on how to prepare for difficult conversations

We Are

  • Independent – we report directly to the superintendent and are not part of another department.

    Impartial – we will not take sides in a dispute; we advocate for fairness and equity; we have no personal stake in the outcome.

    Informal – communication with the Ombudsman's Office does not put the district on notice of a problem. It's a place to explore options and work towards resolution in an informal way.

    Confidential – the identity of those who contact us is kept confidential, except for threats of imminent risk of serious harm. We provide a safe place for discussing concerns.

We Serve

    • Parents/guardians (and prospective families)
    • Students
    • Community members
    • Employees

Issues We Handle

    • Bullying
    • Safety
    • Transportation
    • Attendance
    • Special education 

    We Do Not:
    Take personnel action against school staff
    Overturn student disciplinary decisions
    Provide legal advice
    Intervene when parties are involved in legal or administrative proceedings

When To Contact Us

  • You're facing a problem you have not been able to resolve by speaking to the school principal and learning community
    You don't know where to go for help
    You're having trouble finding the information that you need
    You have requests for information that go unanswered
    Communication between the parent and school has not been progressive