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OCSD Graduations

Welcome to our graduation page, a dedicated space for celebrating the remarkable achievements of our students! Each year, we proudly watch as our students take the next big step in their educational journey, graduating with a wealth of knowledge, skills, and memories that will last a lifetime.

Here, you can explore the joyous moments of past graduation ceremonies. Browse through our collection of photo galleries that capture the smiles, tears, and pride of our students, their families, and our staff on these memorable days.

In addition, we offer archived links to the live streams of previous graduation ceremonies. Whether you're reliving your own graduation, watching a missed ceremony, or sharing these moments with others, our graduation live streams offer a unique opportunity to experience the excitement and pride that define these events.

Our graduation page is not just about looking back - it's about looking forward. As each new graduating class steps forward to make their mark on the world, we'll be right here, updating with the latest photos and live streams, and celebrating every success.

So, join us in commemorating the accomplishments of our students, the heart of Orangeburg County School District. Celebrate with us, today and every day!