Operations Division

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The Operations Division supports students, faculty, and staff by providing safe and healthy environments conducive to learning.  This division consists of four departments.  The departments are: Food & Nutrition Services, Maintenance & Facilities, Transportation and Security.  These departments are responsible for the development and implementation of a set of standards that measures the adequacy of existing school facilities, planning capital improvement projects, providing high quality meals, transporting our students and keeping them safe.

Robert (Bob) Grant, Jr
Assistant Superintendent for Operations

Celeste Gardner
Executive Assistant to Assistant Superintendent for Operations

The Food & Nutrition Services Department provides high quality and nutritional food services that support our students life-long health. OCSD serves a nutritious breakfast and lunch every day. All meals served meet nutritional standards established by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and South Carolina Department of Education guidelines.  

Food & Nutrition Services Staff Members

Angela Robinson
Coordinator of Food & Nutrition Services

Jessica Jones Raulerson
Executive Assistant to Coordinator of Food & Nutrition Services  

Gayle Brown
Food Service Purchasing Supervisor  

Janice Brown
Food Service Accounting Supervisor

Sarah Brown
Food Service Field Supervisor  

Rebecca Johnson
Food Service Field Supervisor  

The Maintenance and Facilities Department maintains all buildings and other physical assets within OCSD.  It coordinates the district’s energy management program, plans and administers new construction and renovation projects, as well as keep our facilities disinfected and sanitized.

Maintenance & Facilities Staff Members

David Hess
Director of Maintenance & Facilities

Camille Proveaux
Executive Assistant to Director of Maintenance & Facilities  

Randy Redmond
Coordinator of Maintenance Services  

Cedric Walker
Coordinator of Custodial Services  

Michael Taylor
Coordinator of Safety Systems & Energy Management

The Transportation Department provides safe, timely and cost-effective transportation for all students in accordance with federal, state, and local laws, as well as OCSD policies and procedures. Click HERE for frequently asked questions.

Transportation Staff Members

Director of Transportation

Jacqueline Williams
Executive Assistant to Director of Transportation  

Kevin Addison
Coordinator of Transportation  

Maria Thomas
Clerical Assistant to Coordinator & Supervisor of Transportation  

Debra Ard
Transportation Supervisor  

The Security Department provides security personnel to protect OCSD’s faculty, staff, students, and community members that enter our facilities, as well as OCSD’s property. This department coordinates the Emergency Response Procedures and Crisis Management Planning.

Security Staff Members

Bobby Rivers
Coordinator of Security Personnel & Emergency Preparedness  

Angela Christian
Clerical Assistant to the Coordinator of Security Personnel & Emergency Preparedness

James Williams
Area Security Supervisor

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