OCSD Frequently Asked Questions

At Orangeburg County School District, we strive to keep you in-the-know and maintain a policy of clear and open communication. Below are answers to some of our Frequently Asked Questions.

If you do not find your question in these Frequently Asked Questions, feel free to contact us.

Follow this link to find and complete New Student Enrollment Forms: https://registration.ocsd5.net/.  Or follow this link to find and complete Returning Student Update Forms: https://registrationupdate.ocsd5.net. You may fill them out online and then download to print and submit to the appropriate school. If you would like to submit the forms electronically, please contact the school for e-mail information. Computer labs are available at the schools for parents to access and fill out forms online.

During inclement weather, our district administration, including the Superintendent and Director of Transportation, will closely monitor road conditions. They follow all weather forecasts and conditions reported by the South Carolina Department of Transportation and the local Orangeburg County Sherriff’s Department. The Superintendent makes the final decision on school closings. Every effort is made to make the final decision by 6 a.m.

Follow this link to our District calendar to find the dates we are scheduled to be out of school this year for holidays, teacher work days, parent-teacher conferences, and staff development: http://images.pcmac.org/Websites/OrangeburgCSD/OrangeburgCSD/Images/2019-20calendar.pdf

School closings for holidays are highlighted in red. No school- teacher work days are highlighted in blue. Early release days are highlighted in green.


Follow this link to find the Health History Consent Forms, Medication Permission from Doctor Form, and the Photo-Video Permission Form: http://www.ocsd5.net/Default.asp?PN=Forms&L=1&DivisionID=15809&LMID=690949

If you do not find your question in these Frequently Asked Questions, feel free to contact us.

When it comes to school closings, we will announce any closings as soon as possible through three methods:

  • In local broadcast media
  • Through our Alert Solutions telephone messaging system
  • Posted on our school website, Facebook & Twitter pages.

Every effort is made to announce whether schools will be closed by 6 a.m.

Important Note: We will not report when schools ARE open. On a scheduled school day, please understand that schools are open unless a closing notice is announced in local media, through Alert Solutions, and on our school website.

Follow this link to get details about whether you should take the ACT or SAT and what you can expect from each test: http://www.ocsd5.net/Default.asp?PN=DocumentUploads&L=1&DivisionID=23197&LMID=1128720&ToggleSideNav=ShowAll

Follow this link to get information about educational resources for students:


If you do not find your question in these Frequently Asked Questions, feel free to contact us.

Follow this link to get all of the details on your employee benefits as an employee of our school district: https://mybenefits.sc.gov/mybenefits/authentication/checkBrowser.do. You will need your Benefits Identification Number and the last four digits of your Social Security Number. The first time you access the system, you will be directed to register.

Our technology help desk is available to help you with any tech issues in your classroom. Follow this link to submit a Help Ticket: https://login.myschoolbuilding.com/msb?productID=ITD

Follow this link to find a video with the steps for submitting a Maintenance WorkOrder—request online and find the link to submit the request: http://www.ocsd5.net/?PN=Pages&SubP=Level1Page&L=1&DivisionID=15811&PageID=34274&ToggleSideNav=ShowAll

Follow this link to access online tools training: https://wbte.drcedirect.com/SC/portals/sc/. There, you will find End-Of-Course Examination training for Fall, Spring, and Summer, as well as the Career-Ready Assessments and DRC INSIGHT online assessments tutorials.

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