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Staff Links & Resources

Staff members are encouraged to sign into the website using their network credentials. This is the employee's network username and password. Additional resources and information are available through our intranet only to staff, such as our Employee Referral Bonus Program, Frontline Instructions, and Phone Resources page.

District Employee Salary Schedules:
Click HERE to go to the Human Resources page.
Look under "Forms and Resources" for the Salary Schedules.

Rookie Teacher of the Month

Rookie Teacher of the Month

The Department of Human Resources is pleased to announce the OCSD Rookie Teacher of the Month program. ​The purpose of the initiative is to recognize first year teachers for their exceptional contributions and service to children. ​We believe that this recognition would help to motivate, encourage and celebrate the newest members of the educational profession.

Rookie Teacher of the Month go to
Click for the Guidelines
Click for the Online Nomination Form

Employee of the Month

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The OCSD Department of Human Resources is excited to announce the Employee of the Month program. ​The purpose of the OCSD Employee of the Month program is to recognize and highlight individuals that exhibit characteristics that allow OCSD to accomplish the mission and vision established for students. Research indicates that employees that have positive perceptions about their working conditions are much more likely to remain with an organization than employees that have negative perceptions about their working conditions. Recognizing employee dedication and commitment to the mission and vision of the organization contributes to positive perceptions.​

Employee of the Month go to

PERKS program

Whether it's a special during Teacher Appreciation Week, a discount on a car, a percentage off of a purchase, a free dessert with dinner, or a price reduction on insurance or loans, we're extremely grateful to the community for honoring our employees and are excited to provide the opportunity to share it with our employees.


Educator Grants

Employee Referral Program

One of the best sources to recruit and attract new teachers to the district is from our current employees. You are ambassadors for the district and you can help spread the word and get others to do what you have done – choose a rewarding career at Orangeburg County School District. OCSD is always looking for great people, and you can help. If you know someone you think would be a great addition to our district as an educator and they meet the required qualifications, you will receive a referral bonus if you refer them for employment and they are hired.

Further information about this Referral Bonus is available to employees through our website's intranet, accessible by logging in using your network credentials.

Phone Resources

OCSD has now switched to the new phone system.  Click on the words “Phone System” to find guides and tutorials that will provide step-by-step instructions for basic phone operations and more.  This page is for employees only and you must use your network credentials and network password to view.