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Dr. Steven Preast to Lead Edisto Primary School

ORANGEBURG, S.C.  – OCSD is proud to announce that veteran educator Dr. Steven Preast has been selected as the principal of Edisto Primary School.

"I am proud to have such a caring, well-trained, and dedicated academician at the helm of Edisto Primary School," said Dr. Shawn Foster, OCSD Superintendent. "It has been said that there are no good schools without good principals, and where you have good principals, great teachers come, and they stay, and they work hard," he continued.

In an effort to ensure all OCSD students and teachers have the tools necessary for success, as part of the $190 million bond which just passed, two schools - Rivelon Primary and Edisto Primary are combining, which will result in one large primary school for our OCSD students residing in the western part of Orangeburg County.

Dr. Preast, a decorated Air Force veteran with international military experience, has served OCSD as a principal for the past 4 years.