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The Stories of OCSD: Whittaker Elementary's Dr. Teresa Jennings Honored as September's Principal of the Month

principal of the month Dr. Jennings (center)
Left to right: Supt. Dr. Shawn Foster, Dr. Teresa Jennings, and Dr. Bernard Frost

ORANGEBURG, S.C. – In Orangeburg County, leaders like Dr. Teresa Jennings stand out distinctly. With 18 solid years in education and eight of those dedicated to Whittaker Elementary School, Dr. Jennings is a testament to commitment and innovation in the realm of student growth.

Upon hearing of her recognition, Dr. Jennings stated, "I'm genuinely humbled and honored to receive this recognition. But it is not all me. It is the hard work and dedication of the entire Whittaker team. Every day, I'm privileged to work alongside an incredible staff and serve our amazing students and community. This award might have my name on it, but it truly belongs to all of us at Whittaker Elementary."

Dr. Jennings believes in a comprehensive approach to education. It's not just about academics; it's about nurturing every facet of a student's growth, be it emotional, social, or intellectual. Her welcoming letter at the beginning of the year resonated with many parents. Through her words, she conveyed not just her dedication to the field of education but also her commitment to the broader Whittaker community. She emphasized the importance of working together—school and home—to ensure success for every child.
An aspect that deserves special mention is Dr. Jennings's focus on teacher development. Recognizing that great students are shaped by great teachers, she consistently advocates for professional development opportunities for her staff. By ensuring they're equipped with the latest tools and knowledge, she's setting up both her team and students for success.

Also, Dr. Jennings has a knack for making learning engaging and relevant. By integrating real- world connections into classroom lessons, she ensures that students not only grasp the concepts but also understand their practical applications.

In awarding Dr. Jennings the title of "Principal of the Month" for September, Orangeburg County School District acknowledges the excellence she brings to Whittaker Elementary. Her leadership, vision, and unyielding dedication are pivotal in crafting an environment where students and staff thrive.

Congratulations, Dr. Teresa Jennings. Your journey and commitment add a distinguished chapter to "The Stories of OCSD."

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