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Dyisha Taylor named Teacher Effectiveness Coordinator

Dyisha Taylor

Current Marshall Elementary School (MES) Principal, Dyisha Taylor, Ed.S., has been named the District’s Coordinator for Teacher Effectiveness for the 2021-2022 school year. 

With nearly 16 years of service to South Carolina’s public schools, Taylor holds numerous degrees and certifications, including a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education (South Carolina State University, 2004), as well as a Master’s degree (University of South Carolina, 2009) and an Educational Specialist Degree (South Carolina State University, 2010). Taylor’s Masters and Educational Specialist degrees are in Educational Administration, and she holds both principal and superintendent certifications.

Taylor’s career began as a teacher at Vance-Providence Elementary School. She then continued her career in Richland One and Two, Columbia, South Carolina. After seven years in the classroom, Taylor went on to be a Teaching and Learning Coach for what was Orangeburg Consolidated School District Five. As an instructional coach, she developed a connection with MES and was instrumental in developing the district-wide Curriculum and Instruction Framework.

For the past seven years, MES has been home to Taylor. As Principal, she has served as the instructional leader to create and sustain an optimal learning environment; directed the school’s Child Early Reading Development Education Program (CERDEP) for Pre-Kindergarten students; and implemented initiatives that have resulted in increases on SC READY in grades 3-5.

Taylor states, “Because of my educational background, I understand the breadth of the needs of the students that have been entrusted to me. As such, I wanted to know each one of my students individually because everyone has different needs,” said Taylor. “I wanted Marshall to be a place where the needs were met for all students, even if those needs were beyond the curriculum.” Marshall was not only a home to Taylor, but a second home to the students who attended as well.

Throughout Taylor’s educational career, she has made an impact on many students, teachers, families, and staff members. “Taylor’s enthusiasm for students and teachers is truly inspiring,” OCSD Superintendent Dr. Shawn Foster stated. “New teachers deserve the very best support system as they develop their skills and talents in the classroom. I am confident that’s just what they’ll get with Mrs. Taylor!”

Taylor will complete the school year with the Busy Bees at MES and begin her new role July 1. “Though I will not be with the MES family in this same capacity, I know that Marshall will continue on the path to excellence.” said Taylor. “I am very excited about what Mr. Whitehurst is going to bring to MES. He is a great fit and I am confident that his skillset and leadership will propel Marshall forward.”

Taylor is excited to provide hands-on support and encouragement to the teachers of OCSD. “As I serve in this new role, my goal is to communicate to our teachers that they are leaders and role models. More importantly, I want to provide the critical support needed to develop, nurture and retain the best talent for OCSD,” Taylor stated. “I am excited to take my love for education to a larger scale as the Teacher Effectiveness Coordinator.”